Online tool Diversity Compass - on-line questionnaire

Diversity Compass – a useful tool for employers

“One of the most important factors in successful human resource management is diversity at all levels of a company. Companies with more diverse management or statutory bodies report better financial results in the long term”. (Diverzita na trhu práce ve 21. století, page 12)

The Diversity Compass is an open analytical tool designed for a wide range of employers in the Czech labour market. It will help you to quickly understand the basic issues of diversity and inclusion in your workplace and can lay the foundations for continuous development of diversity and inclusion at all levels in your company. By completing the questionnaire you will receive immediate and fairly detailed feedback on the key areas in which your company could develop and strengthen diversity and inclusion, as well as areas in which you are doing well.

Completing the questionnaire

The questionnaire is usually completed by one (or more) management representative(s) and the HR manager/specialist. You will need one to two hours to complete the questionnaire, and you may need one to two days to collect the data you will need to complete the questionnaire. Before you start, you can read the whole questionnaire to get an idea of its structure and topics and to collect relevant data. Once you have submitted your questionnaire, you will receive feedback indicating your score in each of the key areas. To receive the feedback, you must answer all the questions in all five sections of the questionnaire.

Evaluation and recommendation of the next steps

Your company’s scores will remain confidential! The information is only intended for your company to support your plans and next steps in developing diversity and inclusion. The Diversity Compass is one of a series of open tools we have developed for employers in the Czech labour market to open and facilitate their path to diversity. Visit our website to learn more and get additional tips on how to develop and implement diversity in your company. On the website, you will also find other ready-to-use open tools developed in the Diversity&Inclusion MasterClass project, the MasterClass Manual as well as videos and podcasts with Diversity & Inclusion best practice ambassadors representing experienced Diversity Charter signatory companies.